Brivonne School

As noted in the Model school bio, Brivonne school is situated on the site in which Model school originated.

Such happy kids

After Turay left the site another man from Sierra Leone attempted to open a school there, and sought our support. My background in criminal justice gives me a second sense when it comes to all things dodgy and we decided this was not a man we wanted to put our faith in. In 2014 another man took up the mantle of improving the one shack school which consisted of a single classroom; This man was Alagie Jammeh. Although all the plots of land these people develop schools on are rented and they have no legal recourse to the land, they invest their time and what little money that have to help kids in their community get an education.

Alagie had heard of our work

supporting and developing other schools and approached S4K for help. A humble pious man his vision was just to help his community as best he could. We took to him at once. As S4K sponsorships grew we were able to take some of these kids to his newly developing school.

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Donated tables and chairs heading for Alagie’s school

By paying the fees annually it enabled him to knock down the original shack and build a purpose made classroom with a non leaky roof. He added a purpose built toilet block and filled in the pit in the ground which was the previous unsanitary lavatory. S4K assisted him not only by taking some sponsored kids to his developing school but by providing him with enough school desks and chairs to kit out 3 classrooms, furniture, pc, printer and scanner for the head teacher’s office. Blackboards and whiteboards, age appropriate books, stationary, school bags and most recently enough brand new uniforms donated from a private school in the UK for all the children to wear on Fridays.

Looks like they need blackboard paint!

All schools close at lunch time on Friday

as it is the Muslim day of prayer. Gambian schools usually have a T shirt the kids wear on a Friday but Alagie’s kids have beautiful dresses and shorts. As do several other school who benefited from this generous gesture from Kings School.Alagie’s school now has 3 fully equipped classrooms, a small play area, a purpose built toilet block and enough sponsored kids to ensure he has the means to maintain and develop. Without the school fees being paid up front, these people would never have the means to build and develop community schools where kids attend.


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