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We have mentioned our annual container in previous blogs, take a look there may be something interesting hidden there.  This blog is focused on what the annual container achieves. Not just for your sponsored kids, but for schools, villages, communities, medical centres and individuals in need. The annual general container was sent by Ginger and Sol before there were many sponsors to ensure the sponsored and non-sponsored kids all got clothes, shoes and educational supplies they needed. The sponsored kids were first, getting them out of their rags and shoes held together with string, when they had shoes. Next were educational supplies for the sponsored kids to ensure they had enough exercise books, pencils, bags etc to enable them to learn and study after school.

Then the kids who had not been lucky enough to find sponsors yet, were given clothing and shoes, so no one was ostracised from the community. Everybody always gets something from each container no matter how small, they are always grateful.

Once the school furniture started building up and various sources came up with stacks of desks, tables, chairs, office furniture, black and white boards PE equipment etc. sponsored kids schools were the first to benefit from these. This goes way back to when Model school was on the site Bivyonne now stands, long before the late Tejan Touray had moved twice to improve his school for his students. The photo below shows sponsored and non-sponsored kids from the Late Mr Touray’s school ALL receiving from the general container to enhance their learning. That’s a whole school with backpacks & stationary supplies.

As kids came to us for sponsorship and we visited the school their parents’ chose, we found several without even basic desks and chairs, just kids sitting on mats or not enough desks and chairs to go around, two kids sat on one chair. This school had no desks, no tables, no chairs. Nothing at all until skoolz4kids sent a load on a general container.

How well would your child learn sat on the floor with no book to write in and no pencil to write with? How much do you estimate it costs to distribute all this without a vehicle of our own?

It wasn’t always trucks of furniture, making sure our sponsored kids had books to write in and pencils to write with, was essential. The average working family earns D120 per day. That is £1.25. Most of our sponsored kids come from families with none or one parent, often the mother left with multiple children to care for after the death or divorce of the husband. Supplying their kids with exercise books for each subject, pencils, rulers, rubbers etc is beyond their means when they must provide the correct socks and shoes if we do not have shoes in their kids’ sizes to donate.

Binta, Malik (in need of a new sponsor) and Bakary happy with exercise books for school. All 200 kids were given a set of 6 exercise books each, to cover every subject. Skoolz4kids would have loved to have continued with distributing library books. But their weight without a vehicle was impossible to manage.

Our dear Alpha Omar centre, absorbed in a book we delivered. Gone but always with us.

To date, skoolz4kids have delivered furniture to over 40 schools. Now let’s talk about clothes. Second hand clothes here are called “Fuckajai”! As our original mission was to clothe the ragamuffins, that is something we have continued to do with the support of our fabulous S4K family who collect and save their kids decent clothes for us to distribute here.

Sponsored girl Fatou with her brand new dress 

Not all village donations go smoothly. Often the crowds get over excited and the pulling and pushing begins. Your old decent clothes are in big demand here! XL sizes cause much hilarity.

Liz S4K website admin and RGE guest finds out first hand, about “me me me”

The photos below: Liz in the crowds, followed by Ginger and the hands. Below a man in need of a mattress for his kids who were sleeping on the floor and a little boy in donated hat and jumper and most importantly HIS BALL!


Skoolz4kids help all faiths and Arabic schools like the one to the left as well as English speaking schools. We do not discriminate and welcome everyone. English kids have so much: Below is a boy with his first ever ride on toy. He wouldn’t get off! Then the little girl with a bundle of clothes and her first teddy bear. The elder women and their kids with brand new hoodies for the 18 degree winter!


Skoolz4kids could go on and on with photos of what the general container achieves. These are a tiny sample of what we do to try and make people in poverty suffer less. We are a tiny charity, we don’t have a pot of gold to dip in to pay for our own vehicle or the annual container. Without your help, none of this is possible.



The last item on this blog is a tribute to Modou who passed away only 6 months after being donated a working wheelchair. This is Modou. He fell from a tree while working and was paralysed from the waist down after breaking his back. He later developed Diabetes.

We met Modou on a visit to his village, to do a clothes donation around 2013 to a pair of our sponsored kids in a remote village. Having seen this photo and hearing that the wheels didn’t turn and the seat was giving him sores, one of our kind sponsors approached all the disability shops in her area asking for any wheelchairs they could spare. John Harrocks of Casterbridge Care and Mobility donated a brand-new wheelchair. Annie our sponsor had it shipped over by moneypipe shipping. The new wheelchair arrived 8 weeks-ish later and as soon as possible we took it up country to give to Modou, who was so overwhelmed such a life changing gesture. Having got his emotions in check Modou and all his family were overjoyed with the help skoolz4kids had been able to offer this man. We were all devastated when Modou passed away 6 months later from complications related to his Diabetes. R.I.P Modou.


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