Gamblog Summer 2018

S4K is celebrating another successful year and sponsorship of your little stars.

Ramadan came earlier this summer. Ramadan Mubarak.

The exact dates of Ramadan change every year because Islam uses a lunar calendar, which means that each month begins with the sighting of a new moon. Because lunar months are shorter than the solar months used elsewhere, Islamic holidays begin on different days each year. For Gambians this is good news as June is much cooler than the last several years when it fell in the heart of the rainy season and humidity.

Prior to Ramadan there was a lot of fun to be had in Gambia. Sol learnt to swim, having spent the last 8 years telling everyone who asked, “next time”. Fatou and Modou came to stay for a long weekend and had horse riding fun on the beach with Demba who turned out to be a secret horse master and a beach picnic had by a huge bunch of sponsored kids followed by a pool party and spag bol when Liz & Stef came to stay in her posh house with a pool.

Pool Partaaaaaay

Ginger and her pack. Walking along the beach at sundown

A blessing in disguise, was the day spent at Paradise beach. It was PaOus’ first beach trip and after only walking a few hundred metres he became so breathless he almost collapsed. A visit to MRC later and he has a serious heart condition which without life saving surgery can be life limiting. Ginger emailed the charity which works with heart problems but no answer as yet. Had he not gone to the beach that day it is unlikely he would have been diagnosed and medicated early enough to save his life. All the kids had fun at the beach.

treasure of natural wonders to be found including:

Sol can not sit for even a day without getting up to do something. Sol has been extra busy getting out all the last of summer 2017 clothing donations to villages. Accumulating prayers and protection from evil by marabout’s wherever he goes.

The little boy in the pink donated buggy is terribly disabled so Sol has been taking him packet mashed potato as he loves that and finds it easier to swallow.

As sad as it is to see poor Mohammed like this, it is heart-warming to see Sol taking time and his own money to help this boy whose family is very poor and unable to buy special food for him when he can’t eat rice.

Another family Sol has found and identified as needing help is Fatou who has a horrible back story but a better future knowing there are some generous kind people who seek to help others before themselves. His first trip after she had the baby in a toilet! Was to give baby and adult clothes for them. They are now under S4K wings and will be on our radar for help.

Everyone gets something when S4K come calling.

Spotlight on children of the month who need help staying in school are: Kumba & Lamin

One of our kids who have grown and thrived since starting school 3 years ago, Kumba’s sponsor has personal reasons for being unable to continue with her sponsorship. Kumba needs YOUR help in staying in school. Kumba is a dedicated but fun loving girl and as an only child works hard as she knows her future and her family’s future depends on her education. Can you give Kumba a chance to continue to learn, get a job and support her family and future generations? Lamin was also sponsored by the same wonderful person who we keep in our hearts are hold dear to us. Lamin is a bigger boy, in full teen swing and loves his football as much as his English contemporaries.  Sponsors go through a strict vetting process to ensure each sponsor is matched with the right pupil and understands educating a kid is for the duration of their education not just for Christmas (pinched that from the RSPCA!) At S4K our kids always take priority. Current sponsors; if you have a loved one you know would love to help Kumba and Lamin please get in touch.

 Kumba in her tribe’s traditional dress.

Lamin receiving donated  vitamins

And we are delighted to welcome Sarah, Zoe, Lynsey and Christine who have taken on the 4 Jatta sisters. Welcome to the One Love family ladies. And also to Steve who jumped in to help little Fatou when she needed someone. And Shelly who little Ney is thrilled to have her as a sponsor. You don’t know how much this means to your kids, their families and S4K appreciate your unconditional love for these kids.

Simon Pedrick

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