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When we initially decided to do a Gamblog, it was meant to be short and sweet and regular to keep all our amazing sponsor family in touch with life across the Atlantic. Events took over and having spent most of the last 18 months in and out of various medical institutions for Ginger and her near and dear ones, it has been a lot less frequent than originally anticipated.

Today’s bonus Gamblog is brought to you with love from little Mohammed and Fatou and baby Suleiman. Both of whom, like most of the people S4K support it happened through chance or God’s will.

Sol had been to a Nginte (naming ceremony) in a tiny hamlet rather than a village and began talking to a family who had a severely disabled little boy aged around 2 to 3. Best guess, he must have been brain damaged during birth, having been born in the home without medical intervention.

Little M was propped in a sand hollow scooped out by the family as he can not walk or talk or move at all. Those who follow us know the Tumbu fly lay their eggs in the sand and burrow into any mammal who happens to lie/sit on the sand. Most commonly afflicted are the dogs. All G&S’s dogs have been afflicted with them from time to time. The only treatment in animals being Ivermectin. Read about them below!

When Sol found M he had a clutch of mango worms in his bottom which were being pressed out by one of the “mirrows” old ladies. The poor boy was sobbing in distress. This is when Sol asked Ginger what she had that could help. Other than Vaseline to cover them and cut off their air supply and anti-septic and antibiotic cream there was not much more they could do. But you did. As history repeats itself, S4K family rallied around and a buggy that had been donated was given to him for somewhere he could sit and sleep. Clothes and a few simple toys followed and then one special sponsor sent some pounds for food. Due to his disability he finds it difficult to chew and swallow. Sol had been buying him packet mashed potato on weekly visits which he lapped up when mixed with milk. The money sent allowed a bulk purchase of bananas, a stash of mash and other nutrient rich food like juice, yoghurts and packet mix dried baby food. And “pampers” to protect his little bottom from the evil mango worms.

Until the day Sol delivered his goodies, all his photos were of a tiny sad boy with little joy in his life. Look what a difference you made.


M “Before” trying to hold some mash Sol had taken there.

After” Look at his SMILE!

In the same community is a lady with a horrific back story that’s not for repetition here. Nevertheless, she was left with a baby, mentally disabled herself she had little idea how to care for a new born, having given birth in the “toilet”. Anyone who has travelled to a developing country will know what that entails!

The “toilet”

As often happens, Sol found out her story from one of the elders and found her new born also lain in the dirt also with mango worms. Too poor to buy nappies, the baby was wearing a carrier bag for a nappy! Once again, the barmy army stepped up and the lady now has some guidance from skoolz4kids along with a baby mat, baby bath, bowls, all the cleaning items a baby may need along with pampers and nappy rash cream! Her life leading up to the birth of her son was so traumatic she had lost her speech but the smile that spread on her face when Sol delivered the items every mum should have for their new born speaks louder than any words. We are so blessed and thankful to have such a wonderful sponsor family. That’s the One Love, its nice to be nice skoolz4kids famalam. Stay beautiful inside and out.

This is why G&S do what they do. A big abaraka to all those who made this happen and made life so much brighter for these people. Less than £50 has given them hope and joy.

Lil M will never go to school. He may never speak or walk. But S4K will always be there for him wherever we can. There are thousands like him across Gambia. We play just a small role in making the world a brighter place. If you want to get involved, please use the contact us button to find out how. We are always looking for special kind-hearted people who want to educate a child and give them a brighter future out of this poverty.

Like Kumba or Lamin, Both kids have been in school several years but have lost their sponsor due to personal reasons. They would love to stay in school. But need YOUR help staying there.

Kumba and Lamin need your help to stay in school. Please use the contact us page to get in touch. Thank you for reading.

Copyright. All images remain the property of and are not to be distributed without consent.

Simon Pedrick

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