Keeper of the website and frequent RGE guest

Hi everyone, my name is Liz and I am the very proud sponsor of L’il Fattie.

I have spent nearly 20 years involved with surrogacy here in the UK, carrying 6 children for couples unable to do so themselves and co-founding the organisation Surrogacy UK. I am also a full-time chef and have been for nearly 35 years

As soon as I was introduced to S4K I wanted to visit and see for myself the work Ginger and Sol do so I booked  on their Real Gambia Experience programme and spent an amazing week over there. You can find a link to the blog I kept on the main page.
Since then I have been twice more and fallen deeply in love with The Gambia, its people and their way of life which although incredibly hard has the old fashion values and deep respect for each other that I strongly believe in.

I will always work tirelessly here in the UK to support S4K in any way I can with my main focus on keeping this website up to date.

My long term goal is to join Ginger and Sol in The Gambia and become a full time member of their amazing team.

Contact me at