This list is a great starting point if you are thinking of sending a box to your sponsor child. We recommend you keep a box under the bed and add to it over the year, you will be surprised at how soon it will fill up.

The boxes are charged by size not weight so you have 2 choices, a nappy sized box will cost you £10 and a huge box, £20. The usual rules apply..NO contraband, NO weapons and definitely NO live animals!

When choosing sweets please remember most of our kids are Muslim so no pork products.

Chewy sweets such as Haribo very often contain pork gelatin so please check ingredients carefully.

  1. Pencils
  2. Colouring pencils
  3. Pencil case
  4. Sharpeners
  5. Rubbers
  6. School bag
  7. Drinks bottle
  8. Bubble wands
  9. Football for boys
  10. Pump for football
  11. Doll for girls ( black) check here: or here:
  12. Toothbrush/paste
  13. Multi Vitamins – chewable for under 6’s
  14. Toy cars for boys
  15. Soft toys/teddy bear
  16. Underwear
  17. Socks
  18. Crocs
  19. Flip Flops
  20. Sandals
  21. School shoes – Black
  22. Toiletries
  23. Towel
  24. Sweets
  25. Small breakfast cereal mini packs
  26. Dried Fruit
  27. Pasta
  28. Rice
  29. Tinned Fruit
  30. Calpol
  31. Optrex eye wash
  32. First Aid stuff
  33. Sanitary pads for older girls
  34. Letter
  35. Photo of you & your family
  36. Shorts/T-Shirts ( not white!)
  37. Dresses/leggings
  38. Vests
  39. Story book
  40. Colouring book
  41. Learn by numbers book
  42. Age appropriate text books
  43. Snap cards
  44. Frisbee
  45. Dot by Dot book
  46. Hair bands (Thick forehead style) for girls
  47. Baseball cap boys
  48. Afro comb

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