Can you help?

Here you will find all the kids patiently waiting for their turn to go to school

All the children have been personally selected by Ginger using her intimate knowledge of their family background (they must have a strong support network and a real drive for an education) All parents/guardians of girls must also sign a declaration that the child will never be subjected to FGM.
We can't currently accept donations via our website. You can still view all the children currently looking for a sponsor here, and if you'd like to help we'd encourage you to contact us to get more details on how you can sponsor a child.

Babba J

Babba is a delightful 8 year old boy.  He is the only boy in family of 2 girls. He lives with mum and sisters in Serekunda and has been sponsored since Nursery 1, unfortunately for personal reasons his sponsor can no longer continue so he is looking for a special person

Khadiatou S

Khadiatou is a lovely 6 year old girl, she has just lost her mum and this makes her an orphan. At the moment she lives in Serekunda but her future is now to be decided by elders. They will act in her best interests and decide where she will live,

Abli J

Abli is a 7 year old orphan, he lives with his elderly grandmother in Serekunda. Abli has been sponsored since Grade 1 and is now in Nursery 3. Unfortunately he is now in need off a new sponsor willing to stay with him until he graduates.
Please contact us here

Sulayman J

Sulayman is an 8 year old boy, he is the only boy in a family of 4 girls. He lives with an uncle in Serekunda as his single mother can’t manage him as well as his 3 sisters.